“Owing to a dedicated commitment to his photography, Stuart consistently produced images that portrayed both the stark realities and dramas of the Darfur conflict. His professional ability to compose and capture a wide range of scenarios and subjects in varying and at times difficult and unpredictable environments played a vital role in the many communications and public information campaigns which Albany Associates conducted while working with the peacekeeping missions and civil society institutions in Sudan.”
Simon Haselock, Director, Albany Associates
Having travelled extensively throughout Africa visiting all but a handful of countries south of the Sahara, Stuart qualified from the University of Westminster in London with a BA Honours degree in print journalism and documentary photography in 2004. After 18 months working on the editorial team of a London-based African current affairs magazine, he relocated to the Ugandan capital Kampala at the end of 2005 to work as a photographer and freelance journalist for a number of international media organisations, realising an ambition crafted during the many months he spent travelling and understanding a continent as rich and diverse as Africa.
After two years working as contributing photographer for Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency in the Great Lakes Region covering political elections and conflict in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Southern Sudan, Stuart was recruited by Albany Associatesas a photographer and media consultant, as part of a specialist media advisory team supporting the African Union Mission in the Sudan’s (AMIS) public information office.
“Stuart’s photographs never fail to capture the depth of understanding he has for his subject matter. Having spent 13 months immersed in the culture of Darfur, he produced images of an award winning quality which display an intimacy with the subject that is truly moving. He is a first class photographer and iMediate is proud to be associated with him.”
Caroline Jaine, Director, iMediate
As the peacekeeping operation’s only photographer he spent over a year almost exclusively on the ground in Darfur embedded with the peacekeepers documenting the final six months of AMIS before its transition to the current joint United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) and the first seven months of its deployment and operations.
In March 2008, a selection of his images were exhibited at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as part of celebrations marking 60 years of UN peacekeeping operations around the world.
“Through his images, Stuart communicated the pride and commitment of the African Union peace operation in Darfur, the devastation and beauty of the landscape and the diversity and character of the people of the region. His contribution to the African Union and to the people of Darfur has been significant.
Susan Manuel, Chief of Peace and Security Section, Department of Public Information, United Nations, New York
Through the distribution of photographic material to Reuters, AFP and the Associated Press, Stuart has had images published in Time Magazine, the Washington Post, the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, the Guardian, Independent and Times of London, Le Monde and Le Figaro as well as the BBC News Website and on Al Jazeera International.
“Stuart’s photographs always grabbed our attention. He masterfully combined impeccable technical control with strong composition, rendering striking images of even the most banal subjects. His images from Sudan probed beyond the easily photogenic to tell a chapter in the story of a conflict too few people were watching, documenting the social and political dimensions of a region ravaged by war.”
Jihan Ammar, Mideast Deputy Photo Director, Agence France-Presse (AFP)